We are Pig’s Whiskers – and we’re not your average digital design agency.

We’re a copywriter, a web developer and a team of designers, each with a passion for innovation and a history of working together to deliver highly effective results, on time and on budget, for clients of every size and any industry.

But we’re more than that; each member of Pig’s Whiskers is a

  • friendly,
  • honest and
  • highly experienced marketing consultant in their own right.

Whether you’re looking for a copywriter to help with a single email, or the whole team for a brand launch, you can be confident you’re working with someone at the top of their game, proactively helping you achieve your objectives.

Total Service

In fact, between us you’ll find everything you need to plan, create and implement any branding, marketing or advertising project.

From websites and emails to flyers and brochures, Pig’s Whiskers will work with you to help drive your business forwards.

So please, look around the site, meet each of the Whiskers themselves, and get in touch to see what we can do for you.