Hello, and welcome to my world.

It’s a world in which the power of great content is never underestimated*; a world in which words and images combine to deliver your message, to your audience, in a way that is engaging, compelling and effective.


Because, ultimately, marketing (in whatever form it takes) is about one thing: Communication.

Charles has the rare ability to combine intellect with creativity to deliver persuasive copy, messaging and sales content.

Sarah Wright – Global IT Vendor

Whether you’re

  • launching a brand,
  • promoting a product or
  • explaining a concept,

you want your audience to understand the point you’re making; if they don’t, is there any point making it?


There are endless ways to communicate with an audience:

  • Websites
  • Emails
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Adverts
  • Social Media etc

Copywriting isn’t one-size-fits-all.

From brochures and mailers to emails and websites, he consistently delivered copy to our clients that drove real, tangible results.

Andy Bacon – Agency Managing Director

Your audience don’t read an email in the same way they read a website. Prospective customers don’t want the same thing from a flyer as they want from a brochure. Different mediums need different styles, different audiences appreciate different language, and different objectives benefit from different approaches.

Even within the same website, content needs to be tailored from page to page to present exactly the right information, at exactly the right time, in a way that encourages your users to take the action you want them to take.


The key to writing effective copy is in understanding 3 things:

Your company / product / service
What are we saying?
Your goals
Why are we saying it?
Your audience
Who are we saying it to?

Having been briefed to create content across multiple channel types (edms, landing pages, collaterals), [Charles] has always succeeded in generating compelling content.

Simon Downham – Global IT Vendor

Once we have together defined these 3 aspects, you can be confident that you’ll benefit from copy that beautifully distils your message to achieve exactly what you want it to.

My Work

Over the years I’ve worked with myriad clients, helping everyone from

  • Multinationals influencing C-level executives across Europe
  • Market leaders running fully integrated customer acquisition campaigns
  • Individuals launching their personal businesses.

Thanks to Charles the website attracted a lot of attention, enabling me to build a very successful business .

Ellie Stevens – www.pure-active.co.uk

My Philosophy

I’ve never really bought into the whole ‘marketing language’ idea. Instead, I write copy that is clear, approachable and effective. No matter how complex or technical the starting idea, I try to present it in a way that’s interesting, engaging and (I like to think) clear enough that your granny can follow. That way, nothing gets in the way of what’s really important: the message.

*My Frustrations

Design is glamorous; Development is technical; but Copywriting? Well, anyone can do that, can’t they? It is only words after all...

I’ve lost track of the volume of marketing material I’ve seen that has clearly had a lot of money spent on it: it looks great and, where applicable, works perfectly. But do you go to a website to look at the design, or to seek information? Do you read a flyer for the layout, or for the content?

Investing time and money in the look and feel of something, and then letting it down with the content, doesn’t help anyone.

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