Series of Emails - Global IT Vendor:

The client wanted to promote their certification process and, as part of an automated marketing programme, they needed emails that could be automatically sent to registered members at certain points along the path.

Also translated into: German, Polish, Italian, Spanish and French

In today’s competitive marketplace, standing out from the crowd is more valuable than ever – increasingly sophisticated technologies require increasingly sophisticated technicians, and businesses and their customers are looking to fully-certified engineers to give them complete confidence.

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European 4pp mailer - Global IT Vendor:

The client wanted to remind its customers about a specific networking solution, so I wrote both an email and a printed mailer to outline its benefits, and encourage further research by the recipients.

The traditional network is a thing of the past.

Technological advancements have continued to reveal IT’s true potential within a typical business's infrastructure – however, it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet demand whilst maintaining a cohesive, cost-effective and manageable network.

██████████ Distributed Enterprise Solutions address all of the needs of today’s distributed network; a rich portfolio, including many best-in-class products, provides an incredibly simple and cost-efficient answer.

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European Channel Enablement email - Global IT Vendor:

The client has a significant channel base, and regularly assists its marketing efforts by providing emails, postcards, landing pages etc that can be updated to include the partners details, logo, links etc. This is one of dozens of emails that I wrote for their channel partners to use.

Many were also translated into: German, Spanish, Italian, French

All too often, increased network complexity and operating costs are seen as a necessary evil when developing your IT infrastructure.

It’s time to change all that.

██████████ Ethernet Switches are designed to deliver:

Reduced infrastructure complexity and ██████████ across all ████ platforms leave you free to focus on your business.
Industry proven ██████████ technology guarantees you the same levels of service demanded by the world’s largest service provider networks.
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European Product Launch Brochure - European Affiliate Network:

The client was launching a new product offering, and needed a printable document for shows, meetings and general enquiries.

Translated into: French, German


Your affiliate programme is at its most effective when your affiliates are highly incentivised and motivated, engaged with your product offering and fully focused on driving you as many sales as possible.

As part of our commitment to ensure your affiliate programme develops continuously as a precision-marketing tool, ██████████ is pleased to announce our exciting new functionality: ███████

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Small Business Website:

After a career change, Susi wanted to give herself an online presence that summed up the care and attention she would pay to her clients.

What makes me different?

Inviting someone into your home requires a certain level of trust. I’ve always focussed on providing a totally personal service, and am proud of the close relationships I form with all my clients.

Those with whom I currently work require my assistance for a number of reasons:

  • Elderly
  • Post-operation & illness Convalescence
  • Debilitating conditions
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Small Business Website:

Lynn had been using a template built site, with no recognisable design. As her business grew, she wanted something that both looked and sounded more professional, yet embodied her friendliness and approachability.

How can I help?

You’ve found my website - the chances are you’re here because you have some questions. Whatever they may be, it’s probably taken a lot of courage to get this far; for many people, recognising that help is needed is one of the most difficult steps.

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of nervousness surrounding the idea of ‘therapy’, and many people are unsure as to what exactly goes on behind closed doors. Appreciating this, one of the principles I hold most dear is that no one should ever dread coming to see me. Counselling is a shared process and we‘ll need to work together to build up the strength and understanding required to face any challenge. I hope that by having a look around this site, you’ll learn a bit more about counselling, me and how I work – it is, after all, very different to how it looks on television!

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Small Business Website:

After a career change, Ellie needed to create an online presence to build her client base. She needed a website that was Search Engine friendly, covered everything that she did and conveyed her professionalism without losing its femininity (her target market).

Weight Loss

There’s no point us disputing the fact – at first, losing weight isn’t a huge amount of fun. If it was, you wouldn’t be talking to us! Don’t worry though, you’ve come to the right place: it gets much easier as soon as you start to see and feel the results!

Everyone has their own reason for getting into better shape:

  • Look great at a wedding
  • Feel fabulous on holiday
  • Turn heads at a party
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Local Lawncare Business - Postal leaflet:

This was supplied to me as a finished article – the copy however lacked weight, punch and decent formatting, so I rewrote it and suggested how to more effectively organise the information.

It’s never the wrong time of year!

Over the coming months, we’re happy to spend some time keeping your lawn looking at its best, providing general grooming services, including

  • Clearance of leaves and general debris

By spending a little time on your lawn now you can give it the best possible start for the summer months - and those glorious barefoot barbecues.

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My own blog - Laugh at the sweaty mess:

This was a blog I wrote whilst training for the Great North Run in 2009 – I tried to keep it as light-hearted as possible, to counteract the pain I actually felt!


So here’s a little anecdote, a setting of the scene if you will. It’s Tuesday, and a friend of mine asks whether I fancy going to the cinema. I do, but should really go for a run after work and, what with the time it takes for me to cool down enough to be seen in public, arrange to meet at 7:30 for 8. I get home at about 6, and promptly crash out on the sofa.

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